Mt. Healthy was first settled in the late 1700s, as Revolutionary War land grants were awarded to veterans of the American Revolution. The resulting subdividing led to settlement by Easterners and New Englanders who were drawn by the open possibilities of what was then the “frontier”, and by the rich soil and dense forests.

The village of Mt. Healthy was platted in 1817, and was originally named Mt. Pleasant. A small number of the earliest homes from that era can still be found within two blocks of Hamilton Avenue. Because there was another Mt. Pleasant in Ohio, and there could not be two post offices with the same name, Mt. Pleasant was renamed Mt. Healthy in the early 1840s.

Mt.Healthy has a proud history as a strong center for abolitionists. It served as an important part of the Underground Railroad network. Anti-slavery society and Liberty Party conventions were held here in the Free Meeting House which now serves as our history museum. It was a welcoming place for African Americans in the antebellum decades, and the Black community flourished, reaching a peak in the early 1860s. For more on this aspect of our history, visit the website of the Hamilton Avenue Road To Freedom group. Research of this group keeps adding to our knowledge of the Underground Railroad legacy in the Hamilton Avenue corridor from Northside neighborhood up to Mt. Healthy.

Mt. Healthy was from early days a waystation midway between Cincinnati and Hamilton, Ohio, on the Hamilton Turnpike toll road, or the Hamilton Road, as it was first known.  The stagecoach stopped here, and wagons carrying the harvest of local production. The town served as the social and commercial center for the surrounding farmlands and communities well into the 20th century. It was with the advent of the highway and the shopping mall that our little town’s mom and pop businesses began to decline.  Now, Mt. Healthy is coming to be appreciated again for its small town charm, and for the intact historic business district will soon be a drawing card for people desirous of authentic historic character.

For more of an overview of our history, come to our Historical Society’s museum at 1546 McMakin, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings 9-11 a.m., and on the first Sunday of each month from 1-3 p.m.

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2017 is Mt. Healthy’s Bicentennial! Check out the Bicentennial website for the list of scheduled events.

Officially becoming a City in 1951, our city has prospered for almost 200 years. Conveniently located, Mt. Healthy is just 15 miles north of Downtown Cincinnati, and minutes from I-275 and the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway. Our community consists of a collection of individually designed and unique homes situated among lofty trees that provide a natural and enchanting atmosphere. Mt. Healthy is a pleasant residential community striving to provide a quality way of life.