The Mt. Healthy Renaissance Project is a 501c3 Community Development Corporation established in September 2014 for the purpose of preserving historic buildings, strengthening business partnerships, enhancing neighborhood relationships, building pride, creating ownership, resulting in a healthy community for residents and business. Mt. Healthy Renaissance Project embraces the values of inclusivity, diversity and respect for all people.

We are a grassroots group composed of residents and non-residents who share a common vision for the future of our community. We bring various skills and expertise to the table. Among our membership are: a realtor, several local entrepreneurs, two community organizers, an urban planner, three real estate investors, an architect, several community activists, a university professor, a minister and spiritual director, a farmer, a homemaker, a home-schooling mom. As our group is growing, this list will continue to grow.

Our current priorities: building community and working to revitalize the business district.

We work collaboratively with other organizations making change in Mt. Healthy: the Business Association, the service -oriented non-profit called What Do I Stand For, WeThrive, and aspire to add to this list. We enjoy the support and mentoring of the CDC Association of Greater Cincinnati and are networking with other related organizations.