Main Theater ca. 1915


Main Theater Working Group

The Renaissance Project has initiated a working group to facilitate exploring options for the renovation and repurposing of our historic theater, the Main.  This group is a collaborative effort between the city of Mt. Healthy, which owns the theater building, members of the Renaissance Project,  and others as we discover skills needed in the process. Members of the group have visited four local theaters as well as one out of state to learn what has worked and what hasn’t.  Our goal is to help the city, which recently purchased the building from the Port Authority, to make choices for the theater that are best for our community.


If you have skills that could well serve this project (architect, attorney, fundraiser, community organizer, structural engineer, theater person, publicist…) and would like to join us, please contact the Renaissance Project!

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UPDATE, September 2018: City of Mt. Healthy contracts with Glaserworks to conduct a visioning study/concept planning process for Main Theater.

NEWS FLASH, June 8 2018: Mt. Healthy receives planning grant from Hamilton County Community Planning and Development.

WCPO, 16 April 2018:  It’s not just a pipe dream…

NEWS FLASH, Dec 2017: Main Theater granted a listing on the National Register of Historic Places!

Soapbox Media, 27 Mar 2017: Q&A with Karen Arnett of the Mt. Healthy Renaissance Project

WCPO, Feb 2017:  Mount Healthy mobilizes to revive the Main, a long-abandoned 1915 theater building

Working with Urban Fast Forward: 

The city of Mt. Healthy completed a contract with the locally respected planning firm Urban Fast Forward. The Renaissance Project was part of the steering committee working with Kathleen Norris and her team, who spent the first months of 2018 in community engagement to gather input, who in April 2018 put together an Existing Conditions report and in September 2018 delivered a final report with recommendations on the best plan for revitalizing the business district and boosting the neighborhood.


Business district monthly bulletin to help business owners communicate with each other.


The Main Theater ca. 1915.
Eulogy for theater at its closing, 1971.
After stabilization by the Port Authority.
Upstairs space
Awaiting renovation!
Main Theater Working Group visiting the Bellevue KY’s Marianne Theater.
An original transom window.